Tuesday 12 January 2021

Ghana bananas


The Biblical deluge of negative stories about Brexit on the Latest Updates section of the BBC News website's Brexit page continues apace. 

Today took us firmly into Russian doll territory with an article by the BBC's 'Reality Check team' headlined Five surprising consequences of Brexit

Not remotely "surprising" is the fact that each and every one of these five "consequences" of Brexit is  heavily negative about Brexit. 

It's like a 'greatest hits' of all the BBC's Brexit-bashing reports so far this year, with added gloating:

  • 1. Ham sandwiches confiscated
  • 2. Deliveries to Northern Ireland suspended
  • 3. Tariffs charged on Ghana bananas
  • 4. Cannabis oil prescriptions not recognised
  • 5. Scottish seafood held up at borders 

If anyone thinks the BBC is calming down over Brexit, the Brexit tab on the BBC News website should quickly dispel that.

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