Sunday 10 January 2021

Top Of The 'Pops at the BBC's output'


The Daily Telegraph reported that the BBC’s New Year fireworks broadcast, organised by the Mayor of London’s office and put together for broadcast with the help of the BBC, received 500 complaints for Black Lives Matter tribute. Curiously though, if you look at the latest fortnightly complaints report you find this wasn't the most complained about programme. Here's the chart:

5. Chiles on Friday ("Interviewee’s claim about increased hospital admissions of children and young people with Covid-19 not sufficiently challenged") - 103

4. The Goes Wrong Show ("Humour offensive to Christians") - 193

3. The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown ("Unhappy episode included reference to ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement") - 289

2. Happy New Year Live! ("Unhappy the New Year fireworks display referenced ‘Black Lives Matter’") - 500

1. The Andrew Marr Show ("Bias against Boris Johnson") - 1,712

Congratulations to Andrew Marr for a runaway success there! Straight in at Number One.

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