Saturday 23 January 2021

First the came for...


It's perhaps a sign of how the particular the focus of BBC Trending's disinformation unit is (tunnel vision maybe?) that they are still busily tweeting away about QAnon and various right-wing sites like Gab being in trouble with the tech giants and seem to have completely failed to register the striking fact that the same tech giants - having dealt with Donald Trump and the Right - now appear to be moving in on the far-Left, apparently suspending high-profile Antifa accounts after the inauguration day riots in Portland (where the Democratic Party's HQ was attacked), Seattle and other US cities, and even shutting down the UK Socialist Workers Party's Facebook page. Censorship, once it begins, has a habit of gaining momentum. Will the BBC Trending crowd be quite as intensely relaxed, jaunty even, about this (if and when they get round to it) as they are when right-wing sites get taken down en masse

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