Saturday 9 January 2021

Things going de Pear-shaped

Not the BBC, but here's the editor of Channel 4 News Ben de Pear thinking aloud on Twitter in the wake of Wednesday's Trump-encouraged shenanigans ("the failed beer belly putsch") on Capitol Hill:
Now that Trump is off Twitter & social media how do you deradicalise the millions of people he has lied to & put into this frenzy? 
There are infinitely more armed Trumpists in America than there were ever potential recruits for ISIS but they’ve not been seen as the threat. 
In the case of Trumpists they’re all over America openly professing their faith and anger and even threat. 
Social media have not seen them as a problem but more as a customer base and allowed it to grow; anger and emotion being the defining characteristics of the business model. 
How many billions of dollars have these people, angry as hell & super engaged, meant in profit for social media companies - that’s why they were allowed to be led to this point. 
How do you deradicalise & reestablish shared facts without angering & disrespecting them in the process? 

Advantage is now being social media tech giants and mainstream media outlets. 

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