Tuesday 12 January 2021

The newest 'Woman's Hour' presenter


I've read a few pieces recently from old-school Woman's Hour admirers in the mainstream media wanting Dame Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey's far younger replacement Emma Barnett to be joined by someone older and (by implication) wiser - i.e. more in tune with traditional BBC feminism. 

No such luck ladies. The BBC's gone with someone much the same aged as Emma (give or take ten years), but from a different tick box background: 

Countryfile/Strictly Come Dancing's BBC-ubiquitous, twinkle-toed Anita Rani - a BBC favourite who has been promoted far and wide and beyond in recent years. 

An interesting choice to present the Friday and Saturday editions of Woman's Hour

Mohit Bakaya, the 'woke' Controller of Radio 4, who's widely regarded (by me) as having taken the ruin of the channel to new depths, in the BBC press release about this makes the BBC's intentions crystal clear: “I want Radio 4 to continue to seek ways to better reflect and be relevant to the audience across the UK” - i.e. he's ticked a few boxes.

I wish Anita well. I like her. It's not her fault that the BBC is using her, and I hope she gets over being a tick in a box and makes Woman's Hour something women and men, feminists and non-feminists, country dwellers and metropolitan elitists, and people from the widest range of social and political persuasions, can all enjoy on Fridays and Saturdays. 

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