Wednesday 6 January 2021

Emma Barnett's first week continues


Emma Barnett is having an interesting first week at Woman's Hour

Falling prey to the curse of open Zoom links, she was overheard today, just two minutes before going on air, by an interviewee - actress Kelechi Okafor - saying something that the interviewee found "absolutely degrading and vile": namely Emma was overheard worrying aloud to her team about alleged antisemitic remarks made by the actress. A direct confrontation then ensued, with Emma offering to discuss it on air. Kelechi hung up and Emma later tweeted her side of the story.

The programme was about to discuss the #MeToo movement and Kelechi was coming on to say that, whatever women with "white, middle class sensibilities" think, marginalised black women still need #MeToo - a very BBC guest, until this happened! 

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