Tuesday 5 January 2021

Questions to the Prime Minister. Question One. Vicki Young of the BBC...


I wonder if, while watching the latest Downing Street Covid press conference, Andrew Neil was tempted to paraphrase his criticism of Andrew Marr on Sunday

With the merest tweak his new tweet would say, "Another question to the Government in which the broadcaster’s sole theme is — why didn’t you/don’t you lockdown, sooner, tougher, longer?"

That, and the other endless 'gotcha' questions of course...

Here's what happened today:

Boris Johnson: Let's go to Vicki Young from the BBC. 

Vicki Young: Prime Minister, the whole country is relying on you to take the right steps at the right time and many think that you waited too long to bring in extra restrictions. How can I have confidence in your decision-making when on Sunday you insisted that all schools should stay open and the very next day ordered them to close. And to Professor Whitty and Professor Vallance, when did you first advise the Government to lockdown in England and do you think the vaccine rollout timetable is realistic?

The BBC are absolutely relentless. With so many other possible questions the public might want answering, BBC political journalists, whenever they get the opportunity, ask little else. Absolutely every question there was a politically point-scoring 'gotcha' question from a very particular angle.

They are one-track journalists. It's as if they have an agenda.

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