Saturday 16 January 2021


One of the main headlines on ITV's News at Ten last night was:
Another hit to GDP as a result as the November lockdown, but the economy appears to be adjusting to the new normal. 
The economy shrinking by 2.6% in November was given over 3 minutes later in the bulletin, including a full report. 

BBC One's News at Ten, in contrast, didn't include it in its main headlines or give it a report but placed it as a minor news item lasting 40 seconds near the end of the bulletin. 

To add insult to injury, guess what that passing 40-second mention came straight after? A report from Simon Jack lasting nearly 3½ minutes on how Brexit has thrown "a new spanner" into the previously "well-oiled machine" of one "export-driven success story". 

The contrasting priorities speak volumes, don't they?

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