Sunday 10 January 2021

Praise from the SNP


It's striking I think, in terms of 'bias by omission', that Newsnight's Lewis Goodall, though tweeting as hyperactively as ever on all manner of aspects of UK and US politics, is avoiding the remarkable goings-in in Scottish politics at the moment. His one act of recognition that something big is going on up there  - the explosive charges against Nicola Sturgeon from Alex Salmond - was a lone retweet of his BBC colleague Nick Eardley on Thursday.

Rechecking Lewis's feed to make sure I hadn't missed anything I did spot, ironically, someone called Erik Geddes saying, "Lewis Goodall's reporting of Scotland is as fair and as strong as anyone on the BBC network".

When I clicked on the man's name to see who he was it turns out he's head of broadcast media for the SNP.

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