Tuesday 5 January 2021

Emily shares her embarrassment


Talking of last night's first Newsnight of 2021, here's how host-commentator Emily Maitlis framed the bit on US politics. (They really are obsessed with US politics.):

It's exactly two months since the US presidential election. Exactly two months since Donald Trump lost that election to Joe Biden. But two months hasn't cooled the ardour of the man who is still passionately, embarrassingly, insisting he won. In an hour-long phone call this weekend, Mr Trump first encouraged, then beseeched, then threatened Georgia's Secretary of State to overturn the result. Georgia was one of the states he lost. Unfortunately for Trump, the phone call with Brad Raffensperger was recorded and leaked to the press. It could not have come at a more critical moment. Georgia will see a run off tomorrow for two Senate seats. If the Republicans lose them, Democrats will control the Senate. Our US Correspondent David Grossman joins us from Washington.

Putting aside the disputed accuracy of how she presented this story, when did it become acceptable for BBC current affairs presenters to tell us that they find a foreign President's actions "embarrassing"? Is that within BBC editorial guidelines? Why can't she keep her "embarrassment" and her opinion to herself?

Ah, of course, she's presuming to speak for us all again. 

Frankly, I find her "embarrassing". Why doesn't Tim Davie?

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