Wednesday 27 January 2021

"Classic BBC non-apology"

The BBC has issued another 'clarification' today, apparently following questions from The Sun - though the massive social media revulsion towards the BBC over it should have alerted those eager BBC Twitter twitchers a lot earlier:
BBC News Online
25 January 2021

We used the term ‘IRA veteran’ to describe Eamon McCourt’s long involvement in Irish republicanism. We accept that this shorthand formulation could be misinterpreted and it has now been amended for clarity. Mr McCourt is now described as an ‘IRA man’ in our online news report. Related social media posts have also been updated. 

We understand the sensitivities around Troubles’ issues and legacies, including in relation to terminology. Much of this can be contested. No offence was intended and we regret any misunderstanding or upset that may have been caused. 

I agree with this from Mark Wallace though:

Classic BBC non-apology: “We used the term ‘IRA veteran’...we accept that this shorthand formulation could be misinterpreted.”

See how it works? If you think “veteran” is the wrong term for a terrorist, it’s you to blame, really, for misinterpreting. Never the Beeb...

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