Tuesday 26 January 2021

The BBC "retires" the 100+ genders BBC Teach film


Well, well, well, here's a little breaking news...

(I think we may have scooped the mainstream media here).

The BBC has taken down the infamous 100+ genders BBC Teach video. 

I went there yesterday, and there is was. But today it's gone, melted into thin air, leaving not a rack behind:

Checking social media, I see there's already a BBC explication out there - a deliciously passive-aggressive one (with a massive tilt towards the aggressive)!

The BBC says it has "made the decision to retire the film", but spends the rest of its self-justifying complaint response denying it did anything wrong and attacking its critics:

Way to give in, but not give in gracefully, BBC!

UPDATE: It's up on the BBC's Complaints page now, saying the same, even down to the "we have made the decision to retire the film" bit. 

Clearly everyone who complained has been sent a nearly word-for-word version of the BBC's official statement.

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