Sunday 3 March 2013

Cat got his tongue, maybe

Friends of Israel will probably be aware of Adam and Hadar's excellent CiF Watch, which keeps a careful eye on the Guardian's (mis)reporting of Israel.

Hadar is busy these days with the just-as-excellent BBC Watch so I'm intrigued to see how Adam will report the Graun's latest CiF offering from terrorist Samer Issawi of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in which the hunger-striking Mr Issawi presents himself as a noble fighter for freedom against Israeli 'occupation' . 

Google - well CAMERA actually - reveals that he is being very coy in that article about the crimes that led to his 30 year sentence - including firing on Israeli civilians in a number of separate terrorist attacks. 

The Guardian is being just as coy in giving him a platform without informing its readers of these facts.

It's reading things like that which make you thankful for CiF Watch.

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  1. Yes, I clicked on his profile:

    "Samer Issawi was convicted in 2002 of being a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group proscribed by Israel, and of shooting at Israeli vehicles."

    That's almost BBC-esque in its downplaying of his terrorist crimes. And I'm pretty sure he must have been convicted of more than just that. If so, the profile is a lie by means of the old tactic of a half-truth and the Guardian should be thoroughly ashamaed of itself for misleading its readers.


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