Thursday 14 March 2013

Compare and Contrast

A snapshot of some of the British media's priorities (in order of priority), as copied and pasted at 7.45pm on Thursday 14 March 2013:

The Daily Telegraph

NHS chief is partly to blame for Mid Staffs scandal, Jeremy Hunt says
Health Secretary becomes the most senior Government figure to suggest that NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson “bears some responsibility” for Mid Staffs failings.

Pope pledges 'renewed collaboration with Jews'
Pope Francis writes letter to Rome's chief rabbi promising "renewed collaboration" between Catholics and Jews.

Most dangerous terror suspects 'free to walk streets within a year'
Terror suspects will be “free and unconstrained” on the streets within a year because of watered down replacement to control orders.

'Jewish conspiracy' claims: peer suspended
Labour suspends peer who is alleged to have blamed Jewish conspiracy for imprisonment he received over fatal crash.

Australian soldiers in Afghanistan caught playing golf and sunbathing
Soldiers caught sunbathing in tactical positions, hitting golf balls into Taliban territory and greeting helicopters in flip-flops.

Press regulation: Leveson talks between party leaders break down
Talks press regulation break down down after Cameron refuses to sign up to tough new legislation demanded by Miliband and Clegg.

Blair 'ignored lessons of history'
Tony Blair sent British troops into Iraq without paying enough attention to the region's history, says former mandarin.

BBC News website

Cameron halts press regulation talks
Prime Minister David Cameron calls a halt to cross-party talks on press regulation, sparking anger from party leaders and victims of media intrusion.

Pope sounds warning to Catholics
Newly elected Pope Francis warns that the Catholic Church will be just "a compassionate NGO" unless it focuses on its primary, religious mission.

HMRC to close tax Enquiry Centres
The UK tax authority is to close all of its 281 Enquiry Centres which gave face-to-face help to 2.3 million people with tax queries last year.

Death blaze dad 'did not bathe'
A man accused of starting a fire which killed six of his children says petrol was found on his clothes because he did not bathe or shower for 12 weeks.

SA alarm over girls' high HIV rate

France backs end to Syria arms ban

Mirror journalists held over hacking

Campaigner wins 'extremism' case

Peer suspended after 'Jewish claims'

Pork DNA found in halal school meat

The Guardian 
Press reform talks fail over 'fundamental differences'
David Cameron accuses other parties of posturing after Leveson talks collapse

EU leaders at odds over Syria rebels
François Hollande appeals to Europe to lift arms embargo, with support from UK, but policy shift faces opposition from Germany

A&E waiting time targets missed
32 out of 88 hospital trusts fail to treat accident patients within four hours of arrival

Egypt police 'killed 900' in uprising
Report commissioned by president is the first time Egyptian police and officials have admitted 2011 killings

Phone hacking: People editor held
Sunday People editor James Scott among arrested ex-Sunday Mirror journalists, including former editor Tina Weaver

UK terror suspects free wleithin a year
Six suspects will be released from January when special surveillance orders expire, warns watchdog

Iraq: 53% think invasion was wrong
More than half of Britons believe Tony Blair was wrong to invade Iraq, while 22% tell YouGov he should be tried as a war criminal

Foster carers still face 'bedroom tax'
Exemption from under-occupancy charge does not extend to more than one 'spare bedroom'

Khmer Rouge 'Brother No 3' dies
Ieng Sary was on trial for atrocities including luring Pol Pot regime's exiled opponents back to Cambodia for execution

Halal school sausages had pork DNA
Council puts stop on meat supplier after Pork DNA has been found in halal chicken sausages


A few observations

The Telegraph is alone in leading with a coalition minister's criticism of the NHS chief over the shocking death rate in the NHS, though the Guardian also posts a prominent article dealing with the failings of the NHS. The BBC doesn't concern itself with negative issues surrounding the NHS here.

Both the BBC and the Guardian lead with phone hacking. The Telegraph ranks the story far lower.

The Pope's pro-Jewish pronouncements are only the concern of the Telegraph. The BBC has a very different take. The Guardian has no take at all.

Both the BBC and the Guardian consider the Halal meat story important. The Telegraph doesn't.

The Telegraph and Guardian both highlight the fear over terror suspects (i.e. Islamist terror suspects) walking free. The BBC doesn't rate this as important.

The story about the anti-Semitic Labour peer is ignored by the Guardian. The Telegraph makes it a key story while the BBC drops the word 'Labour' from its typically cryptic headline.

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