Friday 15 March 2013

Compare and Contrast (again)

Another day, another snapshot of the contrasting news priorities of the right-leaning Telegraph, the left-leaning Guardian and the...ahem...impartial BBC.

Friday, 15 March 2013. 5.45 pm GMT

Daily Telegraph

Cameron tells Pope: 'white smoke over Falklands was clear'
Prime Minister slaps down Pope's opinions on the Falkland Islands, saying "I don't agree with him – respectfully, obviously."

Joyce banned from buying alcohol in Commons
Independent MP for Falkirk banned from buying alcohol after his arrest over an alleged drunken fracas.

Britons 'afraid to offend radical Islam'
British people are afraid to offend a "vocal and aggressive" section of the Muslim community, says former adviser to Barack Obama.

Muslim convert admits terror charge
A Muslim convert who labelled British troops “murderers” and a former police community support officer admit planning terror acts.

'Superhero' stops fight against crime
A man who dressed as a superhero to fight petty crime has hung up his outfit after he was beaten up.

Boris: Build airports, power plants and railways on countryside
Boris Johnson has suggested that vast swathes of the English countryside should be used for airports, railways and nuclear power plants.

Wet weekend brings flooding risk
After a week of freezing conditions Britain faces a wet weekend, with people across the South warned to brace themselves for flooding.

BBC News

Rival press regulations unveiled
The battle lines are drawn on the future of press regulation as David Cameron and Nick Clegg unveil rival proposals ahead of a crunch vote on Monday.

Vatican denies Dirty War allegations
The Vatican has denied that Pope Francis failed to speak out against human rights abuses during military rule in his native Argentina. Profile: Pope Francis Pope urges evangelism Watch

Rail project finds 'Black Death' pit
Excavations for the Crossrail project in London reveal 13 bodies in a burial ground believed to date from the early days of the Black Death. 276

Urgent need for 250,000 pupil places

HS2 ruling 'a landmark victory'

Three admit to terrorism charges

'Warmed liver' transplant first 

MP Joyce banned from Commons bars

Bolshoi director 'may recover sight'

'Violence risk' after military tours

France defends Syria weapons plan 524

Fire death dad 'wanted to be hero'

Comedian Norman Collier dies aged 87

The Guardian

DWP seeks law change to avoid repaying jobseekers
Lawyers for complainants, who won court battle against unpaid work, attack emergency law

Clegg could veto Leveson plan
No 10 admits Cameron plan to establish a royal charter would need the agreement of his deputy

EU leaders refuse to arm Syria rebels
Cameron and Hollande fail to convince EU leaders at Brussels summit to lift EU arms embargo on Syrian rebels

Pope wrong on Falklands – Cameron
New pope was wrong to say last year that Britain had 'usurped' islands from Argentina, says prime minister

Republicans pitch visions at CPAC
New generation of conservatives rethink party agenda ahead of 2016 elections with winning the Hispanic vote a focus of debate

Ministers claim green light for HS2
Government claims victory and vows to plough ahead after high court upholds just one of 10 challenges to scheme

Stephen Lawrence killer drops appeal
Gary Dobson, who was given life sentence for murder last year, has abandoned battle against conviction, officials say

Court: CIA must admit drones exist
US court rules that CIA must give fuller response to ACLU's lawsuit seeking access to records on drone attacks

Horsemeat crisis: packed lunch fears
Nutritionist warns parents may be put off canteen meals, but just 1% of packed lunches meet nutritional standards

Police seek parents of dead baby
Couple walking their dog found body wrapped in clothes and bags at side of country road in Bolton

Bee pesticides escape European ban
European commission proposal to suspend the use of neonicotinoids fails to gain backing of UK and Germany

Woman charged over nursery death
Woman charged with gross negligence manslaughter after death of Lydia Bishop in York, last year

Nurse cleared over overdose twins
Panel rules that Joanne Thompson's fitness to practise was not impaired after baby boys given 'excessive' dose of morphine

China installs Li Keqiang as premier
Parliamentary ballot formally confirms appointment of former 'sent-down youth' as Wen Jiabao's successor

Muslim convert admits terror plot
Richard Dart, 29, admitted plotting a terror attack in Royal Wootton Bassett after receiving training at camps in Pakistan

Astronomers find water on HR8799c
Water vapour and carbon monoxide found in atmosphere, but scientists dampen hopes of life

Council proposes ban on apostrophes
Mid Devon district council says punctuation mark can cause confusion

'Give up Twitter for Lent'
Russian Orthodox church advises people to avoid Instagram and Twitter when annual period of self-denial begins next week

Some more observations 

The Guardian and the BBC share the same angle on the new pope - the Guardian's angle. The Telegraph goes for David Cameron defending the Falklands.

Former Labour MP Eric Joyce's drunken antics are high up the Telegraph's agenda, fairly low on the BBC's and very low on the Guardian's.

Two 'bad news' Muslim-related stories are foregrounded by the Telegraph. The Guardian places this much lower in the rankings, but (like the Telegraph) uses the word "Muslim" in its terrorism story. The BBC places that midway but, characteristically, avoids the use of the word "Muslim" in its headline.

Boris is only in the Telegraph.

The BBC and Guardian again make Leveson one of the main stories.

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  1. Hello Craig and Sue.
    You got a mention on Biased BBC blog, so thought I`d get in touch to say hello-and to thank you both for all you did(and clearly continue to do).
    Very much the authoritative voices on matters Israeli and mathematical as I recall you being back when I first started with Biased BBC in Dec 2009.
    This one is very good...the three accounts of what were the lead stories is a fine project I`d say-and I`d be very surprised if the BBC and Guardians coefficient isn`t approaching +0.8 at least, most days.
    I find I get most trouble from the liberal elites when I use either my own stats to shut them up as you do...and when I use cartoons, mockery and comedy-for the liberal elite are po-faced, unfunny and have no sense of irony...and get angry. Good!
    OK then-keep posting, stay in touch.
    God Bless you both...true maths and Israel!


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