Saturday 30 March 2013


After last week's highly unusual edition, Dateline London reverted to type again today. 

The panel consisted of a British left-winger (Owen Jones of The Independent), a Syrian-born left-winger (the freelance journalist Mustapha Karkouti), an American liberal (Michael Goldfarb of GlobalPost) and a left-leaning Catholic commentator (inevitably, Catherine Pepinster of The Tablet, above). The much-used term "left-liberal" sums up that panel to perfection!

Where were the right-of-centre voices? They were where they so often are with Dateline - absolutely nowhere to be seen. 

Maybe right-wingers wash their hair at lunchtime. Almost every Saturday.

As for today's Dateline London there was general agreement that austerity is a bad thing and that Pope Francis is far better than Pope Benedict XVI (especially as regards his warmth towards Muslims). 

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