Tuesday 19 July 2016

Another snapshot

Here's a snapshot of the BBC News website's latest Brexit coverage. 

Search for 'Brexit' and www.bbc.co.uk/news' over the last 24 hours and it brings up the following articles:

That's about as gloomy a collection of news reports as you could possibly get about Brexit.


  1. The BBC article on the EY Item Club quotes Peter Spencer, chief economic advisor to the Club. But nowhere is it stated that far from being a neutral impartial voice, he is one of the 200 economists who wrote to the Times warning of the dangers of Brexit. Surely the public deserve that health warning on such a news item.

  2. 1. Project Fear.
    2. Project Fear and Loathing
    3. Project Fear, already being proved false
    4. What global growth?
    5. Complaints from Corbynistas piling on, I bet. Also, can you imagine if Cameron had left Hillary Clinton banging her head on the door? The BBC would be vilifying him. The pro-May bias is obvious, and it's not because the BBC has suddenly turned Tory.
    6. Fair enough, Cameron's reputation should be finished over what he did.
    7. Project Fear, already being proved false
    8. See #7
    9. Project Fear and Loathing
    10. PwC gives the report asked of them. Seen it and seen it.

    Well, at least they're consistent. As Roger Mosey said, the BBC needs to have a coordinated perspective on issues or else their reporting can appear chaotic and disorganized.

  3. I should have posted this last week when it was still fresh in my memory but posts were coming in thick and fast and there didn’t seem to be a right place to attach it to. This seems as good a place as anywhere.
    I caught the last of the talks on Brexit by various academics. Despite the seemingly reasonable presentation I found myself getting quite angry at the basic premise of the speaker. I am afraid I didn’t take a note of her name. She apparently believed that people had voted for Brexit because all of the advantages that she and her fellows in academia had enjoyed, like student exchange programs and European funding for research projects had been too exclusive and all the plebs must have felt excluded. She also seemed to believe that had schools taught European history rather than British history (as if every other country in Europe did’t also teach their national history) we would all share the warm feeling she felt at being European. We were all too ignorant. That explains it. What she failed to grasp, in common with most of the BBC is that all these benefits came at a terrible cost - democracy. They just don’t get it at all.

  4. I love 'Enda' Kenny.
    Poor Kenny; but he always bounces back, still in his parka



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