Saturday 2 July 2016

Found: One swallow

I was going to say that everywhere I seem to turn at the moment I'm finding the BBC firing on very biased cylinders against the Brexit vote, and that the BBC hasn't been anything like this blatantly biased for quite a few years, but - put out the flags and bring on the Red Arrows! - I have found one counter-example: this week's A Point of View (on Radio 4) by philosopher John Gray. 

Called On Brexit, his piece argues that the EU has been been doomed for a long time. It's been collapsing from within for years. He said that the UK will fare much better than the EU after Brexit, and called on us to be confident and to make the best of it. 

John Gray's A Point of View talks are always worth a listen. 


  1. Your one swallow is just the usual "complaints from both sides of the bird table" gambit by the BBC who know they can rely on numerous Remainiac to e mail in faux outrage complaints of bias.

  2. John Gray is a thinker worth listening to. His Point of View was a breath of fresh air.

  3. As a militant Christian, John Gray would have to be my most feared opponent.
    He`s everything that Dawkins is not- he is clear, rational, humane and very clever indeed.
    And calls it right far more often that he gets it wrong.
    Great respecter of Mr Gray...always look out for him, makes me think and probably the last independent thinker on the Left re "green" "religion" and political sciences".
    Great man.


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