Thursday 21 July 2016

Brexit Street

Radio 4's PM has just started a brand-new, spanking-new, long-term series monitoring the effects of the Leave vote on a single street in the North Yorkshire town of Thornaby-on-Tees (3 miles from Stockton-on-Tees, 4 miles from Middlesbrough) - a Leave-voting area.

This focus on the inhabitants of a single street will apparently continue over many months.


As several commenters have noted on Sue's characteristically out-of-this-world latest post, BBC reporter Emma Jane Kirby's reports comes from a street that isn't typical of Leave-voting streets across the country - or even the area.

Yesterday's report, for example, featured 4 vox pops. Only one of them was in paid employment. 

And today's report featured 5 vox pops. Only one of them (the same guy from the previous night) was in paid employment.

The rest were either unemployed, on the sick, in voluntary work, or (in one case) retired. 

The area, as official stats show, has a combined 7.8% total for the unemployed and those on sickness benefit. It most certainly isn't anywhere near 75% (as yesterday's report might suggest - and even today's report might suggest).

Hardly representative then.

Why's that then?


Yes, we've been getting to hear from some Leave voters and hearing their reasons for leaving - alongside hearing from Remain voters - but...

...I've been watching the Twitter reaction and seeing all the abuse flying in the direction of PM's selected Leave supporters. The Twitter Brigade are calling them all deluded, low-IQ, racist morons. 

Did Emma Jane Kirby see that coming?

If so, is that the answer to the above question, "Why's that then?"?


On today's report. moreover, Emma Jane was certainly pushing the point that the area has received huge pots of money from the EU for regional development.

(Naturally she didn't mention that this 'EU money' was pretty much 'our money' coming back to us under EU guidance). 

Her commentary pointed that out, and some of questions to her Brexit Street vox pops also pointed that out - and both did so repeatedly, as if she was trying to make a point. 


Also (though we're only two reports in), I note that both reports moved towards criticism of post-Brexit racism and that tonight's report was left hanging on that very point. 


This bears all the hallmarks of a highly manipulative piece of long-term (anti-Brexit) BBC reporting.


  1. Interesting that they chose that particular region, here we had a similar leave vote and but when I searched the web before the referendum I couldn't find any EU funded projects......

  2. This is like the BBC's last stand isn't it? The Leave vote was a severe shock to the system, but I think they are regrouping for one final stand. But is there a grand strategy? What is the BBC consensus policy - do they want a second referendum, a Norway Option (leaving open the possibility of reapplying to join at a later date), slow death of Leave (constant postponement) or a general election with a victory for an Owen Smith led Labour Party? I don't think they know. And every day that passes without Armageddon coming to pass makes the Leave case stronger and stronger. We've already seen teh IMF predicting there will NOT be a recession (contradicting what was said by the Remain campaign).

    Still, rather like the Wehrmacht in 1944-45 - it's amazing to see their fighting spirit and ability to mount offensives despite their dire prospects. They are attacking on all fronts - you hear snippets everywhere - a science programme, an arts programme, Woman's Hour, farming, finance and consumer programmes...everywhere it's domesday!

  3. I`m guessing that poppets like Emma Jane Kirby(good local Unthanks name there eh?)only get to go oop north because we`ve already laughed Sarah Montague(Shannon Matthews) and Evan Davis( his tour of Leeds, bypassing Rotherham in 2014) out of the area.
    I mean "Northern Correspondent" if Larkin, Priestly and Orwells day trips to Wigan are still their guiding stars of fey influence?
    No-Teeside gave us Capt Cook and Rod Liddle, Willie Maddren and Graeme Souness, Chris Rea and Paul Rodgers.
    AND-Sunderland a few miles north is now in British history from the Independence day Massacre of the LeftiBeebs...AND Big Sam(the Brexiteer Pieman!) is now the England manager.
    Trump plays Free and Bad Company at his rallies...Paul Rodgers is the soundtrack to the Revolution we`re bringing over there.
    So-Teeside is Gods sacred land today...and only a pearl-clutching BBC full of Oxbilge poppets and millionaire gaybalders(dysleksik!)would equate a Brexit St with their hated Benefist St.
    The BBC run with this one-asking union houris and Labour dolts why bloody UKIP won...when the EU gave you all those blue flag monstrosities and bridges going nowhere...but make intriguing pavement art for Nina Nana on Channel 4.
    No-well done Teeside-you`ll be soon wanting an alternative to Lindisfarne as channelld through Mike Neviles grandson surely...the BBC needs to go the way of Hangus

  4. Gee, I honestly couldn't tell which side you were concluding with until your actual conclusion. Who knew a blog looking into bias could be biased?

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