Friday 15 July 2016

Breaking news....breaking news....

Is the Turkish army staging a coup against the "wankerer...from Ankara" (to avenge the honour of Turkey's goats perhaps)?


Unlikely to succeed. 'Interesting times'. 

Update, 22:34. Mark Urban on Newsnight suggests it's the colonels and brigadiers trying to seize power. James O'Brien suggest it might lead to civil war. 

22:37. Mark is wondering: is it (Islamist) G├╝lenists or (secular) Kemalists? He reckons it's Kemalists.

22:38. Newsnight's guest, Ibrahim Dogus - quite obviously an opponent of President Erdogan - suggests it's G├╝lenists, Kemalists and others joining together.


  1. Just come back to this interesting news! OK, we should definitely support Kemalists. Better than the alternative.

  2. A coup can only be a good thing, despite Urban's blinkered attempts to derogate the perpetrators. Another small BBC mind framing the world to suit his mentality.


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