Saturday 2 July 2016

Theresa May; a counterbalancing post

I sent a message to Craig about Newsnight. I made some derogatory comments about Theresa May, and he said I should post it to counterbalance his moderately positive take on her. 

I was going to hide it btl  in case I disagree with myself tomorrow. Precautionary measure. But the article in question has moved so far down the page due to Craig’s astonishing productivity that I have been forced to post it up front.
Here’s the gist of it:
“I keep falling asleep as soon as Newsnight comes on, so I missed the last couple of editions. The episode you describe sounds super-bad. It really is as though they've cast all pretensions of impartiality aside. In for a pound in for a penny, they must have said.
Evan is becoming ever more cadaver-like. He was unwatchably aggressive with Crispin B. the other night and next minute he was attentive and interested while interviewing Jonathan Freedland and (surprise) Melanie Phillips. 
 I can't fathom the reasoning behind Newsnight hiring James O'B. either. He's ugly and his delivery is totally devoid of authority. A third rate shock jock. 
Newsnight is slowly poisoning itself to death. Maybe not slowly. Put it out of its misery, I say.  
 By the way, have you read all the negative stuff about Theresa May? Doesn't it put you off her?  I never liked her, ever since her early appearances on QT. She used to wear jackets that looked as if they were made out of polystyrene, and her comments were feeble, dull and unimaginative. Always. And Theresa, if you become PM, please, no more above the knee skirts and for god's sake put yer tits away.  

The thought of her as PM is deeply depressing. Soft on Sharia, and one of the deluded politicians who insist Islam is the R.O.P.  - and I.S. is nothing to do with Islam. Since Islam is one of the greatest threats we face at the moment (coupled with economic melt-down) I don't feel optimistic. If the BBC can't be impartial it should be 'talking us up' instead of sabotaging us. If you must be biased at least use the bias constructively, why not.( Maybe I shouldn't be talking down Theresa in that case. Maybe, if elected, she'd rise to the occasion.)

I blame David Cameron for plunging us into this unnecessary instability. While people are publishing avalanches of ‘gotchas’ about those contradictory statements made by Michael Gove, why don’t they push some of Cameron’s misleading and dishonest assurances about “not being quitters” and so on.  Eh?

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  1. Cameron had to go, period. He had no standing to be leader after the lies and threats and splintering his own party just to win an election. The Speccie kids refuse to learn this lesson, but there is more to leadership than simply winning elections. Look no further than David Cameron and Barak Obama for proof of that. The BBC is equally foolish on that score.

    The problem now is that the official reason for Cameron stepping down is that the public voted against him and his policy, but now the Tory party is seeking to replace him with someone else who shared his defeated policy and will be essentially governing against the public's wishes. Never mind the - from my US perspective - the undemocratic nature of this particular quirk of the parliamentary system.

    May is execrable even before we get to her Clintonesque triangulation on Brexit. Which she got wrong in the end. It's astonishing to me that she is the lead contender. Is she somehow reaping the benefit of remaining (pun not intended, but encouraged nevertheless) aloof from the entire referendum proceedings, claiming to be on the fence (or whatever BS she was having her media toadies report that week)?

    Boris was apparently about to stab the country in the back, but Gove is met with "Et tu, Brute" for standing up for the people? And now somebody who drove the police force further into the ground, had the worst possible track record on immigration (one of two main reasons for the Brexit result, for which she bears the lion's share of blame), and the whole "Nowt To Do With Islam" routine (another reason for resentment and mistrust of the Tory leadership leading to the Brexit result) is getting support from many formerly respectable quarters.

    May is just as likely to quietly keep Britain in the EU as Boris was. What is going on? The Establishment making sure the correct outcome happens in spite of the vote is what's going on.

    As for Gove, it seems at least a couple of those 'gotchas' are no such thing, and are more like Mardell/Davis-style false representations of what he said. He must be destroyed, of course, because he's what the majority of Conservative Brexit voters would want.


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