Tuesday, 4 June 2019

In which a George Bernard Shaw quote is used

To quote DB (word for word):

BBC Trump-hating attention-seeker Emma Barnett is not having a good Trump visit. In her abysmal petulant interview with Sebastian Gorka yesterday, she claimed up to a million would protest Trump. This is from the BBC's website today. "Hundreds":.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh!


  1. I love the way Trump trolls the PC Left-Liberal establishment. Did you notice the stress he put on PATRIOTS who in WW2 secured the D Day landings and prevented a totalitarian takeover of Europe? I noticed it and then immediately clocked why he did it more than once...because of course the British Army has just said that the existence a "patriot" is a tell-tale sign of Far Right fascist infiltration in the army!!

    Then in his press conference the way he kept going on about how there were no protestors or only v. few! Had to laugh!! Even if there were 100,000 outside it would still be funny.

    1. A rather defensive James Cook of the BBC tweeted this a few minutes back:

      "I have spent all day on the streets of London. We struggled through throngs of anti-Trump protestors, many tens of thousands of them. I also saw tiny handfuls of Trump fans. This is not fake news. We have the pictures."

      The first reply jokes, "I counted them out, I counted them all back, then I made up a number."

      Even his defenders aren't really helping his cause, such as here:

      Catherine Mitchell: Honestly looking at this footage and pics these are by no means huge amounts of people more like a smattering of the usual rabble with nowt else to do on a wet Tuesday stop reporting. FAKE NEWS.
      Rebecca Buckingham: It’s not fake if it happened. I was there along with thousands of others.
      Catherine Mitchell: Yep maybe a thousand or two, not a lot of peeps given our population. pet
      Mag W-G: It was a weekday, so not many people either able or willing to take the day off work. But I did.

    2. Yup, Catherine Mitchell has nailed it: this was just standard, low-budget, lefty-renta-mob, filmed, Beeb-style, from a low angle to make them look more numerous. Some of them, even, were left-overs from when the Telegraph's Peter Simple invented the term rent-a-mob/crowd - there was, for example, that shouty man who allegedly runs the Labour party.

    3. Yep Cook was well and truly trolled! lol I just mentioned his fanatical Anti-Trump Twitter feed on the open thread...! Sounds like the Rabble are having to resort to "Why I couldn't hand in my homework" - style excuses... :)

      Even Evan - yes Evan - was admitting it was a low turnout on PM (aka "The Evan Davis Hour").

  2. ... 'Hundreds of people marched through central London with placards' ...

    If its on the BBC website, watch out for the archived version:

    'Hundreds of thousands of people marched through central London with placards'

  3. have a look at Black Pigeon Speaks's latest video on Trump's visit to the UK on YouTube. He films piles and piles of unused placards, looks like the 'comrades' couldn't be arsed to move themselves from Islington - must have been half price on Pouilly Fume at Waitrose!

  4. George Bernard Shaw - the man who said that Stalin 'didn't go far enough' - a tedious writer and a loathesome apologist for bolshevism. The irony of course, is that Dugashvili would have packed his bougeoise backside off to the cellars of the Lubyanka for a does of 9mm lead in the back of the neck before you could say 'enemy of the people'