Saturday 12 October 2013

Exclusive: Cookie Monster to appear on 'Question Time'

Following the Cookie Monster's appearance on Newsnight news has come through to us that he will soon be joining the ever-growing list of celebrities to appear on BBC One's Question Time.

We at Is the BBC Biased? have acquired a transcript of part of that forthcoming edition of the programme: 

David Dimblebly: Can we have our next question please? Mo Ansar, Mo Ansar?
Audience member: Yes, does the panel think Israel is worse than Iran?
David Dimbleby: Owen Jones?
Owen Jones: Yes, Iran rules; Israel sucks. 
Audience: Hurray!
David Dimbleby: John Redwood?
John Redwood: No, Is...
David Dimbleby [interrupting]: Answer the question!
John Redwood: No, Israel is a tiny democracy...
David Dimbleby [interrupting]: But Owen Jones is shaking his head.
John Redwood: what?...and Iran...
Audience member [heckling]: Rubbish!
John Redwood:...Iran is a terror-supporting dictatorship which wants to wipe Israel from the map.
[Stony silence from the audience.]
David Dimbleby: Let's see what the audience makes of that. Sir, you shouted 'Rubbish' at John Redwood a moment ago. Why?
Audience member: Cos it's like Owin Jones sez. Iran is gud, Israel bad. 
David Dimbleby: Melanie Phillips?
Audience: Boooo!!!!
Melanie Phillips: Nonsense. Everyone is acting precisely according to the script. The fanatical Ayatollah Khamanei, the sole real power in Iran, has manoeuvred the West into the end-game.
Audience: Boooo!!!!
David Dimbleby: OK. You, yes you, the Labour Party activist in the striped jumper in the third row?
Audience member: Melanie Phillips, the Tories and UKIP are disgusting.  
[Prolonged round of applause from all the other Labour Party activists in the audience].
David Dimbleby: Cookie Monster?
Cookie Monster: Me want cookie! Om nom nom nom nom nom.
David Dimbleby: John Prescott?
John Prescott: Want me cookie too! Om nom nom nom nom nom.
David Dimbleby: OK, let's move on to the next question. We've got a question from a Laurie Penny. Can we have Laurie Penny please?.....


  1. That's absolutely brilliant! Love the last bit!

    1. Thanks Neil. It's a shame it hasn't happened yet!


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