Tuesday 28 June 2016

"Could we overturn last Thursday?" (Part II)

Good Grief! And after last night's Newsnight (see earlier tonight) we've now had Evan Davis and Lord Heseltine teaming up for this tonight:
Evan Davis: And this is why who want us to see exactly what Out looks like and then have a second referendum which chooses between In and Out again? Is that correct?  
Lord Heseltine: I want something just a little different, but fundamentally so. I want to put Boris Johnson and his colleagues in charge of the negotiations. Now, he doesn't need to be the Prime Minister of the leader of the Conservative Party to do that but he got us into this mess and he got us into this mess on a range of platitudes about how glorious the future would be. Let him show us what that future is. My own view - it has to be shown - is that it will be totally unattractive to the majority of members of Parliament...
Evan Davis: Hence the second referendum in the... 
Lord Heseltine: And so how do you carry out the will of the people in this referendum - which I believe you should. The only way is to negotiate so that the members of the House of Commons, where sovereignty lies, can come to a judgement about whether they will vote for it. My view is they won't. But they must be given the chance. And when it comes to it there are only two ways to do that: one is to have a general election; the other is to have a second referendum. 
Evan Davis: And overturn the first referendum...? 
Lord Heseltine: Make sure the will of the people is seen to have momentum. 
Evan Davis: Lord Heseltine, thank you very much.

As well as that (and some Corbyn stuff), the rest of the post-EU referendum stuff on tonight's Newsnight consisted of:

(a) a Mark Urban report (including some ominous music) on how angry some EU politicians are about Brexit, especially about Nigel Farage and his "Nazi" campaigning - and about how others really want us to stay and think we will choose to stay, given time and an overturning of the referendum result.

(b) an interview with Marine le Pen, introduced thus (by Evan):
Not many political leaders in Europe have welcomed the British referendum result but one who did is Marine le Pen, the leader of the French Front National - the far-right party that commanded the support of about a quarter of French voters in the last election there. 
and (c) an extraordinarily downbeat joint interview about the economic effects of the Leave vote, featuring Gillian Tett, formerly of the FT, finding very few silver linings, saying that banks have "clearly been very badly damaged" and are "now in the dust", that "interest rate expectations have collapsed in the last few days", that it's "a self-inflicted wound on an extraordinary scale", that there will be "years of soggy growth", that the financial sector has had "a heart attack", etc, etc, and ex-Barclays boss Antony Jenkins, sounding hardly any more positive!

"Let's just be clear about the potential for short-term financial contagion - the Lehmans Effect, all those kind of things. Antony, you're worried about the next six months, and getting through it", asked Evan, cheerfully.

And, to get us in the mood for all this doom and gloom, the start of tonight's Newsnight coverage of what Evan Davis called "our impending divorce" from the EU was accompanied by the Sex Pistol's Anarchy in the UK, including that famous ending viciously lingering on the word "Destroy!"

Sleep well!


  1. The BBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this cringe-worthy, puerile feature on what children think of the Brexit vote ("poey, poey bum bum" and all). They are becoming a pastiche of themselves with such infuriating rubbish.

    1. "Brexit: Tears, fears and questions as children react to Leave vote": On Facebook, Twitter and website Mumsnet, parents have been sharing stories of their confused, tearful or outraged offspring.

  2. Argghhhhh remember some say the BBC may be "biased" the " " are driving me insane.

  3. That doesn't even really make sense. "We don't really mean automatically hold a second referendum so the effing proles can vote correctly this time like we made the Irish do with Lisbon, but let's imagine a totally plausible scenario in which that's the only possible outcome. Because it's the right thing to do."

    This is the lashing out part of the Anger & Denial stage of grief in which the BBC will be stuck from now until St. Swithin's Day. They're even more freaked out than when the pollsters failed them (yeah, that's what happened) at the general election.

  4. At 4.40 a.m. on 24th June 2016, David Dimbleby announced, "The British People have spoken and the answer is: we're out!" We have, indeed, spoken - why were the BBC & Lord Hezeltine not listening?

  5. Shares and pound seem to have "Surged" ahead today by a percent or so - I can't seem to find a corresponding BBC headline.....

  6. Wow they just used the "Jump" word must be reading this blog.

  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2010/09/impartiality_is_in_our_genes.html

    It was of course, 'a different time'.

  8. Let me assure you that, to the rest of the world, the BREXIT vote is the pinnacle of stupidity, and that it will go down in history as such.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Let me assure you that, whether this decision is shown by history to be stupid or not, it has shown the rest of the world how a free democracy should be run.

  11. Fearless interviewing from Evan! Well for a fellow Remainiac I mean -fearlessly putting the pro- Remain case. :)

  12. It's only going to get worse now that Mrs. Gove accidentally let out her warning not to trust Boris about following through.

  13. You know what my favorite part of all this is (aside from the old-fashioned democracy bit, I mean)? The result was unfolding right before the Beeboids' eyes, and they missed it! Especially Dimbleby, who presided over it and clearly had no idea what he was witnessing.

    I'm firmly convinced of my Question Time audience metrics (only when the BBC either goes out of their way not to rig the audience, or just gave up, obviously). That and the social media trends Guido was tracking. That was another clear movement.

    The Beeboids missed it all in their arrogance.


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