Friday 24 June 2016

Slow news day

From Twitter:


  1. The pound and FTSE will be back up soon enough. At the moment, paying off the debt and investment in Britain just got much easier for a while. Mr. Toad and Wee Jimmy Krankie will look like idiots telling the Scots they must quit a successful union to join one that is falling apart (and won't have them anyway), and Northern Ireland just voted for Brexit, which is not going to point to reunification. The Spanish announced their intent to take back Gibralter, but then went to siesta and won't be heard from until later, but then won't have time to do anything because they need a meal and the clubs open shortly.

  2. The BBC sure wasted no time in finding people unhappy with the result.

  3. After a couple hours of nearly unanimous angry, "gutted", hate-filled Remainiacs explaining what a disaster the result is for the country, at last the BBC goes to a Leave town, Wisbech. But before we hear from a happy Leave voter, the Beeboid first spends three minutes explaining that the demographics have changed recently, one-third foreigners, angry left-behind people. Now we meet the Leave voter. How do you feel? Great, we--

    Oh, sorry, we must cut away to Christine LaGarde's statement.


  4. Huw Edwards stirring the sh!t constantly today. Everything is a threat to the UK, Scotland will be out, Ireland united, the jobs gone, the economy in a tailspin, now he's trying to get the Polish Ambassador to the UK to say that Britain will not in fact be able to leave the EU because the mandarins will drag out the negotiations for a decade, leading to uncertainty, etc.

    Now over to Sophie Long who is talking to some Irishman who is "very sad" at the result. Nobody in the entire country was for Leave, apparently. How did the vote happen? Or are all Leavers shy and keep dodging BBC cameras?

  5. Absolutely! He was working particularly hard on young people - the BBC really are terrible losers. I have just heard La Kuenssberg dismiss the referendum result as , ' The British people have given the roulette wheel a spin' (may not be her exact words, but that was the drift). That is outrageous - it did not, apparently, occur to her that we might have studied the facts and spent many hours thinking about which way to vote. I do wish, by the way, that you hadn't pointed out her head - bobbing habit - I now find her even more irritating than before!

    1. Laura K. was visibly distraught last night. Today we're seeing the Beeboids go through the classic five stages of grief, although they're all stuck on anger and depression. Nick Robinson also disparage all Leave voters in similar fashion. There can be no legitimate reason to have a different opinion than a Beeboid.

      The Speccie kids are just as bad, insisting it's all populism and anger at immigration. On television, the various Leftoids are insisting it's resentment at inequality. Caroline Flint was shouting at the camera during a rant about how politicians (other ones, presumably) haven't listened to the public's concerns, and they really need to start listening, but it's the racists who are the problem, but we should listen to their concerns.

      No lessons have been learned.

  6. My region voted 71% leave. Guess which side our Labour MP backed? Do these people not get it! You supposed to represent the views of your constituents not your own.


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