Monday 27 June 2016

Whoops apocalypse!

The post above was written whilst half-watching the England-Iceland match. (I'm so, so glad I only half-watched it).

Still, just as the BBC keeps asking people if they can see "a silver lining" in the EU referendum result, my silver lining here is that at least it shows that being outside the EU - as Iceland is - doesn't inevitably and irrevocably lead to complete and utter ruination (despite everything I'm now regularly hearing from embittered Remainers and the BBC).

Here's something Icelandic by Iceland's greatest classical composer (and one of my favourites) - reputedly the loudest piece of classical music ever written. It depicts the ferocious Icelandic volcano Hekla - the "gateway to Hell".

(Don't tell James Naughtie though or he might use that as a metaphor).

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