Sunday 9 January 2022


Radio 4's Sunday programme is achieving the impossible by getting even worse. It's transitioning from being 'the most liberal programme on Radio 4' to being 'the wokest programme on Radio 4'. A thoroughly one-sided piece this morning from the Khanate of London by Sunday reporter Vishva Samani dealt with the “heated debate” over removing 'controversial' public statues by celebrating a project funded by the Great Khan himself [well, funded by UK taxpayers actually] to 'diversify' statues, murals, etc, in the capital in the wake of the BLM protests. [Or as Douglas Murray put in the Sunday Telegraph today, “As the Mayor of our capital city attempts to rewrite all of British history to suit his particular political and cultural preferences...”]. Everyone was enthusiastic about it; no one was critical. The Great Khan got two uncritical plugs along the way. I'm not sure licence fee payers' money should be funding Sunday if this continues.

[P.S. Among other things, Sunday also plugged a book by a Muslim poet and discussed far-right extremism's appropriation of pagan symbols in the wake of the Capitol 6 January riot.]

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