Saturday 15 January 2022

A promotion for Jonathan Munro


BBC’s new head of news is journalist who sang the praises of Martin Bashir runs the headline in the Daily Telegraph. 

Yes, Jonathan Munro has been appointed on an interim basis as the new director of BBC News and current affairs, replacing Fran Unsworth.

Time to re-post something from Is the BBC biased? from 2 October 2021 concerning Mr Munro:

You may remember him for:

[a] His role in the Cliff Richard affair, where the judge described him as “overly guarded” in his defence of the BBC. And the judge further accused him of “almost wilfully failing to acknowledge inconsistencies” and of “refusing to acknowledge the plain effect of some of the emails in the case”. 

[b] His role in the re-hiring of Martin Bashir in 2016, when he said he was attracted to the reporter’s “track record in enterprising journalism” and respect within the industry.

[c] His statement that “We don’t want all our editorial meetings to be dominated by what white people think”. 

[d] His sarcastic tweet about things going badly for Nigel Farage and 2015, a year before the UK voted for Brexit. 

[e] His branding of certain ex-BBC senior editors [Roger Mosey and Mark Damazer] in an internal BBC email as “male, pale and stale” sexists after they dared to criticise the BBC, despite him being male, pale and possibly stale himself. 

[f] His previous defences of the BBC on Newswatch where he's been disingenuous and/or factually wrongor both, and never particularly fleet-footed.  

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