Friday 7 January 2022


On a related theme, also mentioned in an earlier post, here's Jake Wallis Simons, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, this evening discussing 'my favourite Radio 4 programme':
1/ So now the BBC… is running a debate on whether “anti-Zionism” should be a “protected characteristic”.
2/ Board President Marie van der Zyl called the debate, planned for Radio 4’s Sunday programme, a “grotesque insult to an overwhelming majority of British Jews”.
3/ She added: “Our community is not here to dance for your amusement.” Pretty strong stuff.
4/ Among the guests due to debate the controversial issue is Jewish Voice for Labour member Diana Nelsen, who was given a formal warning by the governing NEC body last February.
5/ Ms Nelsen, who is Jewish, has denied that former Labour MPs Luciana Berger and Dame Louise Ellman were “hounded out” of the party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and has posted on social media there is a “symbiotic relationship between Zionism and antisemitism”. 6/ She has also posted: “Zionism is not Judaism. It is blasphemy”.
Update: BBC has seemingly had second thoughts. Press officer: “We are always exploring a range of possible topics but there's no planned item about anti-Zionism on the Sunday programme."

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