Thursday 6 January 2022

"No longer 'suitable'"

Talking about out with the old, in with the new...

The Jewish Chronicle has a new editor, with Jake Wallis Simons taking over from Stephen Pollard. 

It sounds as if both have had similar experiences of the BBC:
Jake Wallis Simons, present editor of the JC: Personally, since I joined the JC, I’ve been on TV probably twice a week on various channels, particularly Sky News. The BBC hasn’t asked me to come on once. And I have broadcast a lot for BBC in the past! Stephen Pollard had the same experience.
Stephen Pollard, previous editor of the JC: FWIW, I used to do BBC Any Questions every so often. Haven't been on once since I joined the JC 13 years ago. I was told by a senior BBC apparatchik it meant I was no longer "suitable". I should say the person who told me this profoundly disagreed with the idea - they were explaining it to me.

Update: One reply to this came from Labour Against Antisemitism's Emma Picken: 

I would say I'm shocked.... but I'm not. How often did the BBC wheel out JVL? I lost count.

Jewish Voice for Labour is a controversial Corbynite group.

 By coincidence, there's news today from Harry's Place

The BBC are planning on digging their antisemitism hole even deeper on Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4 where there will be a discussion about whether Anti Zionism is a protected characteristic featuring an interview with JVL's Diana Neslen.

So BBC, are people from the fringe, far-left JVL more "suitable" for you than people from the mainstream Jewish Chronicle? And if so, why?

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