Thursday 6 January 2022

The BBC digs its heels in

As Charlie observes on the open thread, something very odd is going on...

The Jewish Chronicle has a main headline today, Outrage as BBC demands victims of Oxford Street bus attack reveal identities.

The BBC is refusing to respond to legal complaints about their coverage of the antisemitism bus incident on Oxford Street until the teenage victims on the bus are named. 

“We will be unable to substantively further progress your legal complaint until you identify your clients,” they say, adding it's an “uncontroversial principle of English law that a defendant is entitled to know the identity of the party or parties that are making a claim against them.”

Crossbench peer Lord Carlile - a barrister who was called to the bar 52 years ago - is not impressed. He strongly disagrees, saying: 
It is wholly unacceptable for the BBC to try to force frightened teenagers to reveal their names, particularly as there is film of the incident anyway. It is not part of a civil action. All they are doing at this stage is seeking answers from the BBC and an apology. The BBC is just wrong and it goes against public interest to insist that people who have been subjected to an attack should identify themselves at this stage.
The BBC has a very bad habit of digging its heels in when it's in the wrong about something. 

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