Sunday 23 January 2022

Introspective Post (with parsley sauce)

As it's Sunday night and my Sunday dinner [pork with crackling, roast potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and parsley sauce, if you were wondering] is digesting, I'll post something I was going to post much earlier in the week. 

Despite things improving, it still holds true [including my Disqus problems]. And you've continued to 'mind the gap':
My trusty old laptop, which has seen me through a lot of blogging, decided to take against the letter 'e' the other day. 
Now, there have been novels in the past - Ernest Vincent Wright's 1939 Gadsby and Georges Perec's 1969 La Disparition - written entirely without the letter 'e', but I don't think a blog about BBC bias can be written without it. 
After all, I'd have to refer to *mily Maitlis and L*wis Goodall and Mark *aston and Mik* W*ndling and Gary Lin*k*r, etc, and it might looks as if I was swearing about them. 

So I've gone onto my reserve laptop and can't get back into Disqus yet to reply to the discussion on the open thread. So I'll do it here instead:

Things are undoubtedly getting worse with the BBC, and to a startling degree. I thought they were getting a bit better in the early 2010s, but things began deteriorating again after 2016 and have spiralled downwards over the past couple of years at a dizzying rate, especially in recent months.

It used to be fairly manageable keeping up with it, but it's getting harder almost by the week to wrap a mere blogger's cerebral cortex around it. At this very moment I'm looking at everything's that gone on over this past couple of days and almost despairing about even beginning to sum it up, never mind do justice to it.

This is where you, dear readers, come in. 

When we withdrew last year, you stepped in. 

In preparing my favourite post of last year - 2021 in a Nutshell - I drew heavily on your comments on the open thread, especially for the missing months. 

You barely missed a thing. 

So please keep commenting and pointing things out - when you've the time and the inclination.

As you've been saying, we may be small but it's good to have another separate, distinct, manageable gathering place for sharing what we've all heard and seen, alongside other likeminded sororal and fraternal sites. 

I still believe we're a very useful resource with a fascinating and ever-expanding archive, like a village library - even if much of what we've been saying for years is now pretty mainstream and even though we've probably been superceded.

And, of course, it's a library with lots of beautifully-crafted, profoundly-thought-out and often very funny pieces by Sue, highlighting matters that really matter. She's the George Eliot of ITBB compared to my George and Weedon Grossmith.

So onwards!

And thank you again. 

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