Saturday 1 January 2022

Radio 4 voices

The Sunday Times did a reader's poll last week asking: Should more BBC presenters have regional accents? The results were 60% saying 'No' and 40% saying 'Yes'. It's an interesting questions, especially as far as newsreaders go. I wouldn't mind, just as long as they are as easy to understand and not distracting. 

Accents can be distracting, as I was only thinking yesterday when listening to the Radio 4 news at 8pm read by Viji Alles. Yes, he's got a lovely voice but you cannot but get distracted by it sometimes:
Reports in the US say the American actress Betty White has died aged 99. She was best known for her Emmy Award-winning rawls on the television sitcoms The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyle-y More shore

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