Sunday 30 January 2022

Peter Hitchens v Marianna Spring

This looks like an interesting encounter - Peter Hitchens v Marianna Spring:
Is the BBC Licence Fee now being used for Thought Policing?

The BBC has now moved on from trying to tell us what to think, to policing those who don't share its views. Last week I was approached by a Marianna Spring, who proclaims herself the Corporation's 'Disinformation Reporter'.

She wants to question me about my work during the Covid panic. I'll keep you informed about her enquiries, which are proceeding.

But my view is that her very title is an expression of prejudice. 'Disinformation' is just a long way of saying 'lying'.

If she thinks I'm dishonest, then let her say so on the BBC and we'll see how that goes. But in general, if you want to investigate something, you start with an open mind and see what you find. How can your mind possibly be open, if you glorify yourself as a judge of truth before you even start? And remember, this is being done with licence-payers' money.

If the BBC wants to hunt down 'disinformation' about the Covid crisis, it is my view that it should clean its own house first.

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