Saturday 8 January 2022

More developments

The Daily Telegraph has 'seen' a letter from Nadine Dorries to Tim Davie concerning the BBC's coverage of the antisemitic incident on Oxford Street. 

The Culture Secretary wants to know what actions the BBC has taken so far and how the corporation intends to resolve the issue “in a suitably timely manner”. 

Don't we all!

The BBC spokesman quoted in the report strikes a more emollient tone than earlier BBC spokesmen on the issue, some of which reminded me of Corbyn era Labour Party official responses to charges of antisemitism against their party and leader, even down to the 'we oppose all forms of racism' language. This time, however, the BBC spokesman said: 
Anti-Semitism is abhorrent. We strive to serve the Jewish community, and all communities across our country, fairly. As we have stated previously, our story was a factual report that overwhelmingly focused on the individuals the police want to identify; those who directed abuse at the bus.  
We know that there are some strong views about this report. We take complaints very seriously and they are being taken through our complaints process. Tim Davie has instructed that this process is accelerated to the Executive Complaints Unit which is editorially independent from news and will ensure complaints are fully responded to as swiftly as possible.

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