Sunday 9 January 2022

What 'Newsnight' was doing in late 2016

There's a video doing the rounds this weekend of Newsnight pulling a stunt and mocking a call by a Conservative MP for the BBC to play God Save the Queen every night by playing the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen, introduced with a straight face by Kirsty Wark. 

Though the same Conservative MP [Andrew Rosindell] has repeated his call this week, that Newsnight stunt dates from November 2016, back when Ian Katz was the programme's editor. He was fond of those kind of japes. 

I'm surprised we didn't cover it back then. 

UPDATE: Whoops. Well, that video, via Alex Belfield, has been removed. 

I'm guessing, given that Alex's YouTube channel is still up-and-running, that Alex either spotted his error or had his error over the date of the Newsnight video pointed out to him and then deleted the video. 

If you're still interested in seeing the 2016 Newsnight playout though, here's a fresh link. Altogether now, 'I wanna be.../Anarchy BBC':

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