Saturday 15 January 2022

The BBC is caught fibbing


Here's the editor of the Jewish Chronicle Jake Wallis Simons:

1/ It is with a heavy heart — I love the BBC and it has always been a privilege to work there — that the JC reports on the corporation again this week…
2/ We reveal that the BBC fully recorded an incendiary radio debate about whether anti-Zionism should be a “protected characteristic” despite claiming just hours later that no such item was planned for broadcast.
3/ The discussion for Radio 4 (for which I’ve worked quite a bit), in which Rabbi Jonathan Romain opposed Jewish anti-Israel blogger Robert Cohen, took place last Friday and was set to go out on Sunday.
4/ Later that day, responding to widespread criticism, the BBC told the JC: “We are always exploring a range of possible topics but there’s no planned item about anti-Zionism on the Sunday programme.”
5/ However, Rabbi Romain told the JC that after the segment was recorded, producers told him it would be broadcast on Sunday. It was later pulled.
6/ Read full story, written by Rosa Doherty, here: 

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