Wednesday 5 January 2022

Why ?

I see Rabbi YY has reached the end of his tether. Yes, Rabbi YY Rubinstein has had enough already. 

But why, Why? (sorry) 

Well, it’s the bus thing. The thing over which the BBC sees fit to dig itself deeper and deeper each time someone queries the expression “Dirty Muslims”.

Which is a weird thing in itself, as this particular adjectival insult is more commonly hurled at Jews. When have you ever heard ‘dirty’ applied to Muslims? 



Thought not. 

Which of the ‘great religions’ takes the greatest pains to ensure their worshippers cleanse themselves of actual dirt? (Wash your hands, wash your face, wash your feet, take off your shoes, put them on again)  - and that’s even before the Covid made us all do something similar to the tune of God Save Prince Andrew; not to mention covering all our faces lest we spread diseases, never mind accidentally causing lust.

Srsly, doesn’t it seem odd that this fella Rhodri Talfan Davies (BBC) insists that not only could a slur be heard coming from the bus, but that the BBC was obliged to recount it in the name of ‘giving the fullest account’!

“The brief reference to the slur was included to ensure the fullest account of the incident was reported. The idea it was included to ‘balance’ our coverage is simply untrue.

Since when did the BBC ever heed its obligation to give the fullest account of anything, for example regarding matters concerning Israel? Or concerning Islam?



Then, for some other reason, Rhodri Talfan Davies emphatically denied repeating the actual expression but stuck to the allegation that ‘slurs’ (subsequently downgraded to just the one ‘slur’)  could be heard coming from the bus and insisted that the BBC was only fulfilling its duty to give the fullest possible account of what had been said  (though he didn’t actually give the very fullest account in the end, did he - since he claims that he didn’t, in fact, repeat the actual words that he insists were said.

Oh well, we might miss Rabbi YY or maybe not as who actually listens to the BBC these days?

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