Saturday 16 May 2015

Oh gawd, and now the BBC's Head of Newsgathering is at it!

If there's one thing you can say about the Twitter feed of Jonathan Munro, the BBC's Head of Newsgathering, is that it's ultra-loyal to the BBC. If there's praise for the BBC or a defence of the BBC, he'll tweet about it. 

That said, he did tweet a link to an article about BBC bias that does contain some criticisms of the BBC and whose conclusions are:
So the evidence from the research is clear. The BBC tends to reproduce a Conservative, Eurosceptic, pro-business version of the world, not a left-wing, anti-business agenda.
Inevitably, Mr Munro of the BBC, links (without comment) to far-left Cardiff University academic Mike Berry'piece at The Conversation.

It's an article countless left-wingers on Twitter (including Owen Jones and Jon Donnison) have been tweeting about and re-tweeting for nigh on two years. 

And now here's the BBC's Head of Newsgathering recommending it to the world on Twitter.

Presumably he did so in order to 'prove' that the BBC gets criticism from both sides and must, therefore, be getting it about right.

The fact that Mike Berry's piece was based (as we've pointed out before) on a debunked, BBC-funded study written by a collection of far-left wing academics and people with close links to the BBC won't stop people like him from using it to serve their own purposes. 

And because it comes from Cardiff University's huge media department and the BBC relies on the Cardiff University's media department for much of its 'independent' research, it doubtless sounds authoritative enough to be believed by people who haven't thought to stand back from it and scrutinise it. 

It's not very impressive, therefore, that Jonathan Munro is using Mike Berry's article in this way, is it?

Mr Munro's own latest tweet, if you were wondering, is this:



  1. Just another reason for a new book collecting all the evidence of the BBC's Left-wing bias. Tweets, Ed West's report on immigration bias, all the admissions from Beeboids, all the Montague/Naughtie-type slip-ups, the Paliwood propaganda, tears for Arafat, Mardell's lies, BBC editing major Obama speeches to create the desired impression, Justin Webb's admissions about the US and Sarah Palin, Bowen and the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood, Katty Kay's "What is with the American people" who disagree with her about Warmism and essentially calling a meteorologist a liar about the Polar Vortex phenomenon, the lies and pro-Occupy propaganda, the stacking of Dateline guests, misleading maps of Israel and Gaza, the reflexive speculation that the latest lunatic on a shooting spree is a white right-winger/white supremacist, Mardell lying about the Ft. Hood shooting even while the truth is being reported everywhere else, hiring Obama campaigners to report on US issues, the constant über-Keynesian recommendations from Stephanie "Two Eds" Flanders, the anti-Thatcher scenes in Dr. Who, Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead, Richard Bacon and Doug Stanhope, 28-Gate, Hugh Sykes and censorship....

    The list is endless and I'm not even trying to come up with them. There is so much evidence without even getting into too much speculation or mind-reading (like I've been accused of). Surely something can be done.

    1. A list of purely factual samples of BBC output would seem a good complement to other 'in their own words' efforts currently being undertaken. Without comment.

      As for JonMun, few these days are surely too swayed by a BBC honcho quoting BBC propaganda as evidence of anything BBC except self-delusion.

  2. Jonathan Munro, Head of BBC Newsgathering hires Martin Bashir:

    BBC Appoints Man Who Said Someone Should ‘Sh*t In Sarah Palin’s Mouth’ As New Religion Chief


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