Sunday 24 May 2015


For consistency's sake I really ought to do a post about today's Sunday on Radio 4.

The programme certainly lived up to its reputation (well, at least its reputation here) for showing a liberal Catholic bias.

That bias is suggested by Sunday's opting for the following subjects:
  • (1) the beatification of a Latin American Catholic archbishop linked to (Marxist-inspired) liberation theology.
  • (2) a piece advocating acceptance, in Church rituals, for transgender people.
  • (3) the story of a Jewish left-wing anti-Iraq war activist who may (or may not) have been murdered by far-right-wingers in Germany some ten or so years ago (though no one seemed very sure).
  • (4) a plug on the BBC for an upcoming BBC programme.
  • (5) an interview with the new President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, involving Gaza, leading off with a question about interfaith relations, especially with Muslims, and... 
  • (6) the same-sex-marriage-backing Irish referendum and its implications for the Catholic Church...

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