Saturday 16 May 2015

Ah, happy days!

I was taken right back to my late '80s university days today whilst listening to Any Answers with Anita Anand

Poor old John from London (clearly advanced in years) was being very nice about Chuka and critical of the press for intruding into his private life but, alas for him, he committed an unforgivable social faux pas... that the BBC's Anita (at uni on the cusp of the late 80's/early 90's) simply could not let pass without wagging a self-righteous finger: 
John from London: You see, when it comes to a vote it would either be a free vote or it would be at a party diktat. Now, if it's a free vote he can quite easily stress his opinions but he has to bear in mind...
Anita (interrupting): Or she! He or she, yeah? Huh-huh? 
John from London, alas, failed to take the wagging finger on board and continued regardless:
John from London: He has to bear in mind his constituency. He is...they are the ones he's representing.
Oh John from London, please go and sit on Anita-from-the-BBC's naughty step! 


  1. Good old bird from Dorset redeemed us all though wiuth her take down of the BBC.
    She described Anands squaukings over poor Chucky doll as emotional over the top, hysterical melodrama and such, typical of the BBC.
    Anand surely needed a rebbot after that.
    The lady then went on to say that Winston could not have won WW2, had he been such a pussycat like Chucky.
    Anands answer implied that getting bad body language of the home Guard, not getting a high five from Will Smith could have killed the poor guy off...Geobbels and the V2 hardly being in the same category.
    Er, no Anita...probably not.
    I extrapolate of course-but not by much.
    Imagine that Anita will only be letting people from Hampstead, Notting Hill and Islington -as well as Glasgow and Sunderland North-on from now on...message gets in danger otherwise.

    1. "I'm enjoying talking to you, Penny", Anita said midway through her prolonged scrap with Penny from Dorset. It didn't entirely sound like it though, given how much Anita yapped over her!

  2. As my faith in your transcripts remains resolute despite the best efforts of BBC editors to change reality into perception, reading the exchange I honestly cannot see what... er... she was interjecting for.

    John was talking specifically about a man and his actions and options.

    Why on earth would the additional qualifier of 'she' be required?

    Unless Anita is privy to information that has a bearing.

    1. Anita was trying to move beyond Chuka at that stage and was engaging John in 'a hypothetical' about an imaginary politician. John fell foul of Anita by merely using the h-word about that hypothetical politician.


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