Sunday 10 May 2015

Cardiff Uni and the Guardian combine in praise of the BBC

Oh my, this is funny!

Yes, the BBC's election night coverage may have been savaged by all-and-sundry in the UK press, but at least one British newspaper is still prepared to stick up for it.

That newspaper is....brace yourselves for a shock!...The Guardian. (I know. I was completely gob-smacked too!):

And it gets better: The people extolling the BBC's coverage there at the Gnuariad are our old friends from Cardiff University, Richard Sambrook and Stephen Cushion. 

Richard Sambrook was, of course, the top dog at BBC News until 2008 and Stephen Cushion  (as you may recall from an earlier post) was employed by the BBC to work on two BBC Trust impartiality reviews into the reporting of post-devolution Britain and three BBC-funded reports into 24-hour news.

All hail the BBC-Guardian-Cardiff University axis, for their wisdom knows no end! 

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  1. A shame Mandy Rice Davies us no longer with us to summarize the utter lack of surprise most will feel to this revelation.

    The principle of telling it often can work, but struggles when you are only doing so to a limited audience who are already on board.

    The trick is when this can be then used by the BBC as a claimed independent source using their vast reach.

    But I'm less sure people swallow it as once could be relied upon, especially as other sources exist, and contradict this less than credible narrative.


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