Thursday 21 May 2015

He's back

"It is within our guidelines for experienced correspondents to give their honest opinion, provided this is approached without any preconceived view", says the BBC.

Is this fully acceptable to the BBC then?:

P.S. Jon's BBC colleague Jeremy Bowen has broken his Twitter silence after nearly a month.

To tweet about the fall of Palmyra to Islamic State? No, of course not.

Like JonDon, he's tweeting a negative news story from Israel from (inevitably)Haaretz:

They're nothing if not consistent, are they, these Israel critics at the BBC?


  1. Two probs. 1. ) Netanyahu has vetoed this plan. 2.) Is there any other place in the world where your race determines whether you’re allowed in a state? Yes, Abbas has ‘determined’ “No Jews in a future Pali state.”

  2. An opinion without a perceived view? WTF? That statement puts the 'moron' in 'oxymoron'. Does that mean an opinion which isn't perceived to express an unapproved thought, perhaps? Or one that the Beeboids think is a mainstream, middle ground view?

    Good Lord. This has to be their justification for the entire class of titled editors.

  3. BBC Editorial Guidelines seem yet another of their little unique jokes, even if any at the BBC obey their own concoctions, which they don't.

    I wonder, given the BBC's love of semantic weasels, cop outs and exemptions, does the above rule mean inexperienced correspondents can give a dishonest view, so long as they approach it with glaring partisan bias?


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