Monday 4 May 2015

"I get offended by a lot of things the @BBC says, but I'm not going to shoot them up."

Even the BBC's Hugh Sykes, of all people, thinks this is worth quoting from Pamela Geller, #ringingendorsement:


  1. I think he's signalling that the BBC should wear that comment as a badge of honour - i.e. Geller doesn't like the BBC = BBC has the correct news and comment policy. Don't think he's concerned about the suppression of free speech. If he was, he would say it wouldn't he?

  2. David Preiser5 May 2015 at 01:05

    Are you sure Sykes isn't tweeting that ironically, because, you know, all right-on thinking people know her kind are the real violent ones for inciting violence against Muslims and encouraging the genocide of Palestinians or whatever?

  3. Yes. I'm sure you're both correct about that. Hugh Sykes is the last BBC man alive to ever endorse something said by Pam Geller.

    My "#ringingendorsement" bit was meant to signal that I was only pretending to take him at face value, but I should have added a winking emoticon (or something of that kind) to make that clear. I fell foul of a variant of Poe's Law there!


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