Monday 4 May 2015

Yet more Groupthink

Oh, for Betsy Murgatroyd's sake, is there no end to the BBC groupthink displayed by BBC WS journalist Steph Hegarty?

She can block whoever she likes on Twitter, but still...

Here's her latest tweet (in screen grab form, just in case):

And who's this Ben Norton she's re-tweeting? Well, according to his Mondoweiss profile (yes, that extreme, Israel-bashing Mondoweiss!): 
Ben is a freelance writer and journalist. His work has been published in CounterPunch, Electronic Intifada, Common Dreams, ThinkProgress, and ZNet, among other publications. His website can be found at Follow him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.
Yes, an anti-Israel writer who writes for extreme, Israel-loathing Mondoweiss and the even-less-Israel-friendly Electronic Intifada. 

Following on from her earlier Israel-bashing tweets, this is hardly surprising, is it?

She's a real credit to 'BBC impartiality', isn't she?

Update: Here's the full tweet (including its 'parent') she re-tweeted here:


  1. David Preiser5 May 2015 at 01:02

    If they were on the other side of the political spectrum, the Beeboids would dismiss the source entirely.

    PS: Get the embed code. Screengrabs are not the same irrefutable proof these days.

  2. Yes, absolutely, David.

    I've added the embedded tweet now.

  3. Uh-oh. Here's me advocating the reassuring necessity of a screen grab and it is no longer reliable?

    Where and how does one secure an 'embed code' please?


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