Thursday 21 May 2015

More from the BBC’s Head of Editorial Complaints...

There's more on BBC complaints over at BBC Watch - this time concerning Tim Willcox and his remark to the daughter of a Holocaust survivor during the post-Charlie Hebdo rally in Paris: "Many critics though of Israel's policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well". 

The BBC’s Head of Editorial Complaints, Fraser Steel, has updated his earlier responses by conceding that he misunderstood the actual point that critics of Tim Willcox were making, but that it still doesn't make any difference to his preliminary findings. 

The original verdict stands: Tim Willcox's words were "poorly phrased, but no worse than that".

As Hadar writes, "Four months (and goodness knows how many publicly funded man-hours) on, the BBC has not budged an inch."


  1. BS. The only possible way we could accept that Willcox's words were "poorly phrased" is if we're told what it would sound like if it was properly phrased. What didn't the editorial gatekeeper think the complainer meant? Rabbit hole silliness.

  2. Of course, as any veteran of a BBC complaint will testify, the months and publically-funded man hours is precisely what the BBC will throw at such a thing to delay it, make it go away or get lost in mountains of obfuscation pretending to investigate and assess.

    And if that fails, a hi-fallutin' sounding chap like Fraser Steel pops above the parapet to pontificate. With gems like 'seems like I understand things better than all you lot'.

    It would be funny if it was not tragic. And dangerous.Comical Ali-level.

    I try and imagine what it must be like to work there, or simply compose what they issue, as there is likely a table-meeting convened to sign it off.

    Does anyone say "One day we're going to get held to account for this"?

  3. Four months is not that long when seeking to get justice for BBC slander !!. The complaint should be pursued by individuals and it needs to go the top . It took over a year to get a ruling on "The road to Armeggedon" a nasty anti Israel so called documentary by Dan Cruikshank See


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