Saturday 23 May 2015

Media madness

What a terrible shame that as soon as one is associated with “the unconscionable” one becomes unconscionable too. From then on everything one may say is tainted, nullified, disbelieved, ridiculed, branded devillish and rendered void.

Thus describes the hopelessness of defending Israel at the present time. H/T Elder of Ziyon

Col. Richard Kemp has been the subject of sustained assaults and had his words wilfully distorted and falsified by particularly virulent anti-Israel networks, has been the subject of demonstrations in universities that have sought to silence him. He has been publicly accused of corruption and being in the pay of the Zionist entity, and he has been subjected to virulent anti-Semitic hatred and threats.  He has been placed on a terrorist death list.

All of this because he has been recognised and befriended by Israel for his substantive  defence of the IDF in the face of an onslaught of vilification from the media and thence from the rest of the world.

Also via EoZ and BBC Watch, tributes to Professor Robert Wistrich who died suddenly  a few days ago. It’s worth watching the video of a speech he gave earlier this year about a particular brand of “English antisemitism”. He understood better than anyone the way it works, and his insights offer background to Col Kemp’s eloquent analysis of the media’s contribution to that particular form of racism. 

I wish I could somehow persuade some (or any) of our impartial broadcasting chiefs to watch Col. Kemp’s speech or read a transcript of it. But I fear even that would be nigh impossible, and should that obstacle somehow be overcome, the next hurdle would be a collective emotional resistance to its contents. 
Col. Kemp does not merely critique the moral bankruptcy of Palestinian warfare and pay tribute to the integrity of the Israeli Defence Force, he clearly demonstrates a shrewd grasp of the media’s overwhelming influence, which shapes the world’s current morally bankrupt attitude. That’s why this speech is essential reading or viewing by anyone capable (if there is such a person) of independent thinking at the BBC.

A glimmer of light at the end of a very long, deep, dark tunnel is the gradual recognition by ordinary people, if not those that inhabit the media bubble, that the terrible destruction and desecration being wrought by Islamic Jihad on the other side of the world bears resemblance to Israel’s enemies in the shape of Hamas, Hezbollah and of course the Ayatollahs of Iran. If the western media is determined to portray Israel as a pariah, through wanton appeasement of relentless campaigning by what Col Kemp calls particularly virulent anti-Israel networks, the harder it will be for the current madness to revert to a state of  justice and equilibrium.

Listen to Col. Kemp, BBC. You might not like what he has to say, but it’s your responsibility to listen.

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