Sunday 24 November 2013

BBC News = the Scottish police service

Here's an intriguing stat, figured out (from FoI responses) by Bill Rogers at Trading as WDR.

The BBC says it employs 19,649 staff on permanent or fixed-term contracts, with 38% employed in the corporation's news division. 

Get your calculator out and that works out as 7,466.22 people working in BBC News. [That .22 guy (or gal) must have been taken on to meet the BBC's equality and diversity targets.]

The intriguing bit comes when you compare that figure, as Bill does, to similar figures in other contexts:
The police service in Scotland has a staff of 7,500, as does the London Underground, Legal & General UK, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and defence company Thales UK.
So, as many people work in BBC News as police the whole of Scotland? Crivens!

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