Saturday 30 November 2013

Top stories

Understandably, most of the UK's broadsheet newspapers (The Independent,  The Guardian, The Times) led today with the trial of the alleged murderers of Lee Rigby. The news of the police helicopter crash in Glasgow only came in after they went to press.

Still, the trial of Adebowale and Adebolajo continues to one of the lead stories on both the ITV News website (Soldier was 'callously murdered') and the Sky News website (Woolwich Trial: 'Killer Nearly Beheaded Soldier'). 

Surprisingly, however, the trial story has vanished from the list of lead stories on the homepage of the BBC News website. It only appears in their 'The Papers' section. 

Last week's Newswatch aired concerns that the BBC was failing to cover the build-up to the trial, but the BBC responded that when the trial officially began the corporation would provide full coverage. 

Is the BBC already pulling back from that commitment?

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