Saturday 2 November 2013

Foreign correspondents

The grim news about the two French journalists - Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon (above) - murdered in Mali is yet another horror story emerging from the Muslim world. 

According to the Daily Mail, al-Qaeda-affiliated separatists were responsible for this latest act of despicable violence:
Four gunmen struck at 1pm today in the northern town of Kidal, where the pair were seen being beaten before they were driven away in a 4x4 pickup truck. 
Security sources said their bodies were found riddled with bullets eight miles from the town, which was the birthplace of a violent uprising last year.
The BBC has also reported this story, though its online article heavily sanitises the brutality of the attack, removing all mention of the beating and the "bodies...riddled with bullets", and plays down the Islamist angle too. 

Very sadly, it really does seem to be becoming a lot more dangerous to be a journalist these days.

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